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CNA Talks: A National Security Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

When scientists test a hypothesis, they set up an experiment, control for external variables and refine their hypothesis based on their results. CNA’s service StaffLab makes this toolset available to executives to help refine and test their ideas for staffing, organizational reform, and more.

In this episode of CNA Talks, Margaux Hoar and Kelly Diaz join John Stimpson to discuss how StaffLab uses workshops, wargames, and other methods to help leaders achieve their vision for their organizations.

StaffLab Homepage:

Margaux Hoar directs the Organizations, Roles, and Missions research program at CNA. Her team conducts organizational, process, and command and control analyses, which provide tailored, transformative solutions to support the vision of CNA's sponsors.

Kelly Diaz is a Research Scientist at CNA and an expert in organizational design and management, specifically for DoD offices and commands. She focuses on issues of command and control, readiness and training, and wargaming.