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CNA Talks: A National Security Podcast

Jan 31, 2024

As cities across the country become more networked and connected with smart sensors, more data is available to first responders than ever before. But how can this data be interpreted efficiently in emergencies where every second counts?

In this episode, John Crissman and Shaelynn Hales from CNA and Godfrey Nolan, founder and CEO of RIIS LLC, join the show. We discuss their award-winning First Responder Awareness Monitoring during Emergencies (FRAME) System, which takes in data from these sensors, uses machine learning to interpret the information, and aggregates that into a common data view to increase emergency situational awareness.

Guest Biographies

Shaelynn Hales is the Managing Director of CNA’s Center for Data Management Analytics. She is an expert in systems engineering, data management, data analytics, and integrated program management support.

John Crissman is a Research Analyst in CNA’s Center for Data Management Analytics. He is an expert in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing.

Godfrey Nolan is the Founder and President of RIIS LLC.

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